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Our vote for the Billboard Top 100 and YouTube video of the year!

From burner boards to 3D-printed dinosaurs and coding apps in Alice, the world’s brightest tech minds and companies came together at Oracle’s world headquarters on February 28, 2015 to share cutting edge innovations with all of you young women who are changing the world. Watch how this magical day unfolded at the Dare 2B Digital Conference & Innovation Challenge (#d2bd15).

Your cheers of “I am the digital future” are truly “Straight from the Heart!”

Dare 2B Digital inspires middle and high schoolers to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (#STEAM). The sizzle reel was put together by the creatives behind WJM. Their YouTube documentary shows what Dare 2B Digital is all about and the difference it makes in students’ lives.

Don’t let the fun end here. Enter the Innovation Challenge and join us April 28th at the Dare 2B Digital Red Carpet Film Festival!

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