[Reblogged from the Brocade Community blog] never enjoyed playing ‘Truth or Dare’ when I was young – I wanted to avoid the truth but wasn’t willing to take on the dare. Today, while some may shy away from the stark truth about teaching our middle school students, especially young women, about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), others are willing to take the dare!


The Truth

According to a study by the Anita Borg Institute there are several barriers to teaching STEM:

  • Many students, particularly from poor communities, lack access and exposure to information technology leading to a significant equity challenge of underrepresented students. In turn, educators acknowledge that students, notably minorities and young girls, are less interested in computer sciences.
  • STEM educators simply do not have adequate
  • Further, the fact that computer science is not a “core course” is a critical barrier for teachers. This lack of recognition and school focus on the importance of computer science is compounded by the field’s certification process which could be more rigorous.

The Dare

Thankfully the Invent Your Future Foundation is one of many organizations daring to change the status quo. The Foundation aims to advance education and supports training programs and scholarships for girls to build a pipeline of talent with skills in math, science and technology. The Foundation’s 4th Annual Dare 2B Digital Conference does just that. The goal of the conference is to open the eyes of young women to the pervasiveness of computing technologies in their everyday life. Read the entire post on the Brocade Community blog…

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