About the 2019 Design Thinking Challenge

2019 Corporate Partner & Session Facilitator: Deloitte

2019 Corporate Partners & Session Hosts: PayPal, Tesla Energy, Tesla Vehicle, Lockheed Martin, and WhatsApp

The Process

Part 1: Our session hosts, PayPal, Tesla, Lockheed Martin, and WhatsApp, each presented and discussed real-world challenges (Challenge Topics) to the conference.

Part 2: Students joined our session facilitators, Deloitte, and our session hosts, PayPal, Tesla, Lockheed Martin, and WhatsApp in various breakout rooms, where each session host presented their problem statement.

Part 3: Students worked through the interview phases, framed the problem and began ideation – “how might we”…

Part 4: Students moved from ideation to prototyping and testing, and then presented to their breakout room.

Part 5: Winning teams identified in consultation with session facilitators and hosts, were then brought on stage to present to the conference and collect their prizes!

Challenge Topics

Companies each presented real-world problems:


  • PayPal Cyber: How can we prevent cyber bullying and make social media safer?
  • PayPal Mobile: How can mobile banking help promote local businesses?
  • Tesla Energy: How can we get schools to adopt sustainable energy?
  • Tesla Vehicle: If all vehicles were autonomous, how would you design the cars and road system to be as safe and fast as possible?
  • Tesla Vehicle: How might Tesla update our current fleet to be more fun, safe, and secure?
  • Lockheed Martin: How do we clean up space debris?
  • WhatsApp: How can we bring secure private messaging to more people?

Prizes and Tours

This year’s winners won behind-the-scenes tours of the PayPal headquarters in San Jose, California and the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California! They also received one of these amazing prizes donated by Deloitte! 


  • Helicopter Drone: Pocket drone perfect for indoor and outdoor flying, with multiple speeds and flip-capable, foldable arms make it a perfect grab-and-go drone for the road.
  • Smartphone Picture Printer: Scan your smartphone’s screen and instantly print retro-style photos, no cords necessary.
  • Water Bottle with Smart Lid: Connect your water bottle with your smartphone via app to measure the intake of liquids while providing real-time temperature readings and daily-intake recommendations based on your personal data.
  • Wireless Charging Pad: Compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones, just lay your phone on the charging pad to power up and simplify your space.
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